Schools in the Greenwood School District

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SchoolMapAddressPhoneFaxEnrollmentSchool Type
East Hills Middle700 Mt. Harmony Rd.
Greenwood AR 72936
479-996-0504  479-996-6614   
Greenwood High440 E. Gary Street
Greenwood AR 72936
479-996-4141  479-996-6548   
North Main Intermediate300 N. Main
Greenwood AR 72936
479-996-4249  479-996-6111   
Raymond E. Wells Jr. High Sch.1211 R. E. Wells Dr.
Greenwood AR 72936
479-996-7440  479-996-7469   
Westwood Primary300 Westwood Ave.
Greenwood AR 72936
479-996-7748  479-996-7846